Ne’? Piemonte Doc Bianco

Ne'? Piemonte Doc Bianco

Grape variety: blended local white grapes

Tasting notes: reach and fruity, at the nose sensation it shows flowers and white fruits like apple, banana and pear. This fruity sensations remains in the mouth with a pleasant sensation which turns to deeper notes of honey, butter tight with a light acidity which cleans your mouth. The wine is bodied and structured, with a very good balance.

Serving notes: this brad and butter wine was borne for daily consume. Chilled is perfect serving in each occasion, for pouring or as an aperitif, it matches greatly each kind of food.

Curiosity: “Né’?” is probably the most popular piedmontese slang word and it is known everywhere. It is used to give a positive emphasis to a conversation and it can also be find, with the same meaning, in other languages. The wine is organic, certified by Ecocert Italia