Marina Marcarino

foresteria esterno
“My philosophy is to produce excellent wines in complete harmony with nature, starting from the assumption that organic farming there must be compelling in a corner strictly delimited, a ghetto for producers “special” , the certification must ‘be a further guarantee of quality for consumers. I want to but also contend with the world of conventional wines, and demonstrate that it possible to raise high quality and reputation working in respect for nature, for the environment and for ourselves. That is my choice, absolutely private, at times difficult and disarming; in those moments the only thing that helps me is a walk in the vineyards and a look to the hills that surround us. What I would like for the future? Being able to communicate my experience as an example of personal achievement to the new generations, spurring them to get into the game.”

This is a summary of the thought of Marina Marcarino that since she was a child already destined to his vineyards.

Exuberant curious and overactive, binds to these lands by virtue of the paternal grandmother who chooses a unusual way to keep her busy, leading her to the vineyard, opening this way the door to a culture linked to the ancient methods of working the earth.

The profound bond with the territory is further strengthened in 1982, Marina remains struck from organic farming in which sees a new and authentic way to enter into full contact with its vineyards.Through a deep understanding based on principles of absolute naturalness creates with them a bond of “mutual respect”.

Despite this, the initial impact is very hard and the first harvest is lost. In spite of the setback a strong determination pushes her to persevere in his choices , up to represent for over twenty years in this part one of the companies of reference for the biological management of the vineyards and the important results obtained.

The property, owned by the family for several decades but has always been regarded as being of secondary importance compared to the principal activity, assumes thanks to the efforts of Marina its own identity and new dignity.

Very interesting is even the story of this woman in a world wine conservative and male, in which with commitment, tenacity, and perseverance she has acquired a space equal and respected.

Convinced that the key for success of the wine-region of the Barbaresco docg, Marina Marcarino since many years actively participates in several Associations of producers such as the Consortium of Barolo, Barbaresco, Alba, Langhe Dogliani, th Associazione Produttori Vini Albesi Albeisa and more recently the she is one of the chairman of the Enoteca di Barbaresco.

Following this philosophy, Marina, in year 2004, linked Punset to other Italian wine cellars of same thoughts, founding the Consortium Vintesa Italian Wines that through the goal “The entente between bio winemakers” promotes and distributes the organic wines of these producers in Italy and abroad.