“Punset” derives from piedmontese dialect and has legendary origin: it seems that historically the Count of Neive gave this nickname, which literally means “beautiful hill” or “peak”, to describe the only of their lands emerging by the autumn fog they could admire from the castle. The vineyards have been owned by the Marcarino family since distant times and it is difficult to trace to the date of commencement of the activity of wine-making; this in the past was not the main effort of the house and the production of wine was limited to having to meet the family consumption. Renzo Marcarino, in 1964, officially begins the activity by placing the first bottles on the market.

At the beginning of the years ’80 a decisive step, desired and pursued by his daughter Marina, marks the turning point: convert all of property to organic farming, eliminating all kinds of pesticide and chemical products.

foresteria esterno


A demanding choice, conscious and immediately regulated with the organic certification.
Over the years Marina Marcarino, which is also responsible for all of the conduction, is finalising agronomic methods that tend to make minimal use of treatments based on copper and sulfur, preferring biodynamic preparations and sharing the philosophy of agronomic Manasobu Fukuoka, also called “agriculture of not doing”.
Vineyards totally kept green, limited use of the mechanical workings of the soil characterize this farm, perfectly integrated into nature.
Through the recovery environment, the ecosystem has been completely rebalanced and today natural flowering, insects and small wild animals contribute to the fertility of the vineyards.
Much attention is placed on respect for the environment, both through the limitation of the machining, both through the recovery of the by-products of wine making.
Since more than a decade were installed solar panels to provide heating and is on project the installation of a photovoltaic system for providing energy.
Even in the cellar, in the winemaking, the philosophy is “let the vineyard speaking”, by omitting the use of selected yeasts, enzymes, so as to allow the fruit to express the terroir of these vineyards
Traditional techniques are those selected: vinification in tanks of cement, in which Marina has always believed, compliance with the phases of the moon for each step of work in the cellar, long aging in wood, mainly in Slavonian oak barrels, followed by long times of rest in bottles.
Punset strongly believes in the protection of tradition as historic and national heritage, gaining reassurance amid spokesman every day.